Sound Reinforcement Equipment
PA event rental and design

Audio equipment rental/live sound engineering is a little sideline to my guitar-playing business. Read on for my thoughts on ambient sound reinforcement and my gear.

Sound Strategy

I've designed and operated live sound systems for
hundreds of events over three decades.

    Over the years I've developed a very versatile and portable sound system that is centered around multiple high-quality, compact, discrete, self-powered speakers interconnected via digital wireless transmitters and receivers (no connecting cables). Pieces can be used individually or in any combination to suit the venue.

    One goal in designing this system was to provide high-quality, well-distributed live sound in large or multiple-room venues at a volume over which guests can comfortably converse (dinner music). Ambient sound levels can spiral out of control when guests raise their voices to be heard over the music. This is especially a problem in venues full of hard surfaces. Multiple speakers in correct proximity to the listeners allow the music to be heard while lowering the volume of the room. I perform in a wide variety of unconventional venues from large outdoor spaces to historic inns and restaurants, often with many rooms. Venue owners comment that the music sounds even throughout the space and that the ambient sound in the space is actually softer while I'm playing. They also appreciate that the wireless system means there are no cables to run and the setup is very quick and inconspicuous.

    I Some local examples of ways I've configured and used this system:

  • Kingsbrae Garden, St. Andrews, New Brunswick - I perform under the trees on the lawn and transmit to speakers inside nearby restaurant, Savour, in the Garden.

  • Ganong Nature Park, Dufferin, New Brunswick - I've provided battery-powered PA systems for both music and microphones for weddings throughout the park.
  • Rossmount Inn, Chamcook, New Brunswick - I perform in the lobby and transmit to speakers in the dining room and in the bar (4 speakers total).

  • Algonquin Resort, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Van Horne Ballroom - for the Changing Seasons winter markets, I transmit to speakers around the room and to a speaker outdoors on the veranda for passers-by.

  • Wed By The Sea - roaming Emcee's wireless microphone transmits directly to each of four speakers in two ballrooms at the Algonquin Resort.
  • McKays Public House, Bar Harbor, Maine – I perform for guests in the large front garden, and transmit to the dining rooms and bars on two floors in this historic building.

  • Wedding at private home - Bar Harbor, Maine, 2013 - I performed on the lawn and transmitted to speakers in a large tent and on each floor and deck space of the three-story house on the grounds.

    It is possible, for example, to set up combinations of wireless speakers (I have up to 10) in public places indoors and out, including on the lawn, in a tent, or wherever; for weddings, music performances, lectures, etc. while keeping the volume at comfortable levels and the sound largely contained to the property. Also, as a note, wireless microphones have become an expectation for weddings (for the ceremony, toasts, speeches, etc.) - I have three complete wireless mic systems, as well as battery-powered PA's (handy for beach weddings, boat cruises ... and ice storms...)

    I have not included rental prices here because every setup is different and I'll work with you on specific requirements.

    When I perform at an event, all necessary equipment is included in the performance fee.

    PA's and Self-powered speakers. These pieces are available with UHF receivers/transmitters (300 foot range) for wireless connection to microphones, instruments, mixers, or other audio devices. Wireless equipment will normally rent with a technician/operator.

(2) Yamaha MSR 100 – 2 complete 3-channel 100 watt PA/monitor systems

(3) Mackie SRM 150 – 3 complete 3-channel 150 watt PA/monitor systems (very small – mic stand mounted)

(2) Yamaha MS 101 – 10 watt micro PA/monitor – mic stand mounted, discrete, excellent for live or recorded background music

(3) Roland BA-330 – 3 complete 4 channel 30-watt Stereo PA systems – AC/battery-powered (12 hours), effects, exceptional sound for up to 200 people

(2) Roland AC-33 – 2 channel 30-watt PA system/acoustic instrument amplifier – AC/battery-powered (12 hours), effects, exceptional sound, very small, portable (10 pounds)

(1) Roland AC-66 - 2 channel 60 watt stereo acoustic amplifier

(1) Trace-Eliot TA-50r – classic 50 watt acoustic instrument amp/PA with effects, in a dovetailed mahogany cabinet


(3) Line 6 X2 XDR955 Digital Handheld 24-bit Wireless Microphone Systems – 300 foot range, exceptional sound

(1) AKG C3000B large diaphragm condenser microphone

(1) Sony ECM-66B uni-directional electret condenser lavalier microphone w/instrument clip

(3) Nakamichi CM-300 condenser microphones (w/cardioid and omni capsules)

(1) Electro-Voice N/D 257 wired cardioid dynamic microphone

(1) Electro-Voice N/D 457B wired cardioid dynamic microphone

(1) Behringer XM8500 wired cardioid dynamic microphone

    Accessory equipment

  • Audio Mixer - Allen and Heath Zedi 10FX - 10 channel mixer, portable, effects, 4in-4out recording

  • Audio Mixer - Yamaha MG82cx – 8 channel, compact, effect

  • Audio Mixer - Berhinger Xenyx 1002B - 6 channel, battery-powered mixer
  • Audio Field Mixer -  Rolls ProMix MX54S - 3 channel, battery-powered stereo mixer w/level and pan controls, headphone output

  • Digital audio field recorder - Zoom H4n

  • Headphones - Beyerdynamic DT-150, Sennheiser HD 414

  • 12 Line6/x2 UHF receivers (speaker-mounted or free-standing) with 4 transmitters; 300 foot range

  • Speaker and/or mic stands as needed

  • Audio and power cables, adapters, connectors, extension cords

  • Processors, etc. - Alesis MicroVerb, BBE Acoustimax, Fishman Aura, Pro Co DB1 DI, more