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Thanksgiving to New Years - 2007
American Thanksgiving with Tom, Paula,
Malachi, and Liam Brennan...and a goose.
After a hard day breaking ice
on Potters Lake, Liam takes a break
Sunset from the deck - the day after Thanksgiving 2007
Hoodies at Sunset
Hairy woodpecker
First ice in the lake December 2
"Looks like a Christmas card"
First snow - Somesville, ME
The "Other" Maine Christmas card
Christmas Eve on Potters Lake
Bay of Fundy - Christmas Eve
Our first Christmas in New Brunswick
Fresh snow
1994 - 2008
Young Snorri enjoys his new deck
August 2007
Potters Lake
So long old friend
Apple tree on Snorri's favorite walk
January 4, 2008

Late October 2007
The Gold Coast
Eastern towhee
another Sunset
George and Kathleen
Islesford, Sept. 1, 1983

Beaver Fever
October 13, 2007
Beaver 2 swims into the beach...
...where beaver one is already feasting
Beavers strip the bark off sticks in a spiral while spinning the stick with their hands
You can watch the leaves and twigs turn round and round as the beaver chews off the bark
so these two beavers walk into a bar....
Former cherry tree in the yard
Oooh, beaver dung!
aforementioned turds
the escape route
breaking and entering

Early October 2007
Canadian Thanksgiving
Picnic at St. Andrews
Charlie and Grace at St. Andrews
Charlie in the canoe
Cate and Wolf take to the lake
Blue jay
Newly-hatched snapping turtle in the lawn
Little snappers in hand
Into the lake!
View from staircase window

September 2007
all taken from windows or the deck
Morning light
North cove
North cove - closer
Belted Kingfisher on Jetty
Double-crested Cormorant
Ring-necked ducks
Morning fog receding to the north
Another sunset
Wood ducks in the rain
Moon at sunset

Mid-August 2007
Lake plants
Wood duck from kitchen door
Osprey from living room
Osprey from living room
Another sunset

First week of August, 2007
Black ducks at sunset
The Prince of Potters Lake
Sitting on the fence
Black ducks at dusk
Quiet hummingbird
Noisy hummingbird
View of house
from Wood Duck Island

Our first week
July 21-27, 2007
1st sunset - July 21, 2007
View of house from 
the south end of the lake
Big snapper on rock near the house
Moon at sunset
Kathy on the comfy chair
The house from the lake
1st floor guest room
Foggy morning, loon near house
Looking southwest from the house 
at sunrise

March and April, 2007
The house exterior
House from jetty
Deck and dining room door
view from NW side
and basement entrance
Northwest side
North corner
Northeast (back) side
all three bedroom windows
View from East corner
Living room door (SE side)
and dog pen
Southeast side
First floor
South corner
Dining room
View from sink
First floor hallway
First floor bath and laundry
First floor bedroom
First floor bedroom
First floor bedroom
Livingroom from hall/stairs
View from livingroom
Upstairs downstairs - livingroom
Second floor
Livingroom from balcony
Livingroom from balcony
Stairway from balcony
Cate upstairs
Cate in master bedroom (upstairs)
Bedroom view (northeast view)
Master bedroom door
Second upstairs bedroom
Upstairs bath
Upstairs bath
Basement (large foyer and three partially finished heated rooms)
Basement foyer
Stove in basement "rumpus" room
Basement bedroom
Finish work underway
under-stairs storage
Floor joist and subfloor
Basement outside entrance
The Views
View southeast (HMS Bicker)
View south - "Jetty"
View southwest
View southeast from jetty
View southeast from jetty
View north from jetty