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from Bob's performances at McKays Public House, Bar Harbor, Maine
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Beautiful atmosphere, Great Music! The guitar player was fantastic. September 3, 2018

...a wonderful guitarist... August 8, 2018

Truly enjoyed listening to Bob play acoustic guitar.
Good volume for dining and he is quite talented. July 19, 2018

Nice to have a guitarist for the evening. He was excellent. July 17, 2018

Enjoyed the atmosphere and in particular the music courtesy of Bob on guitar. July 16, 2018

Live acoustic guitar adds elegance without competing with your table conversation. July 13, 2018

...a great acoustic guitarist... August 2017

The guitar player was just magic. July 2017

Beautiful venue both inside and out, Celtic guitar, good service, and excellent food. It was special
evening and will be a favorite memory of this trip. August 2017

Great outdoor patio and lovely music. July 2017

It was wonderful to hear the awesome instrumental guitarist they had playing. July 2017

Lovely live music... June 2017

...fabulous music which added to our enjoyment of the setting. October 17, 2016

...a great musician. October 8, 2016

Live music was great as was the outdoor seating with all the lights and heaters glowing. September 25, 2016

A very good guitarist... August 14, 2016

We had already decided on a restaurant for dinner and were on our way, when guitar playing drew
our attention to McKays Public House. The food was good and the service was excellent,. But eating in a
lovely Garden with live entertainment brought it to the next level! August 8, 2016

I loved it all. The food, atmosphere and live guitar music. December 28, 2015

Wonderful Atmosphere. Guitar player during dinner was a really nice touch. October 7, 2015

...and the entertainment outside (a guitarist) was excellent. October 2, 2015

...live music that made for a lovely atmosphere. October 1, 2015

Charming. Live guitar music  ...wanted to sit and listen all night. September 28, 2015

...a wonderful guitar player who added greatly to the atmosphere. September 27, 2015

Outdoor dining, great food and wonderful music. September 23, 2015

...a great musician. September 14, 2015

Great music! September 13, 2015

Guitarist was awesome! September 12, 2015

A seat outside lets you listen to gorgeous guitar throughout the meal. Go now! September 4, 2015

Beautiful live guitar music. August 31, 2015

Love the guitar player! August 22, 2015

We sat outside and were treated to a lovely live guitar player. August 21, 2015

Charming patio and live guitar music. August 17, 2015

The lovely live music was very relaxing and entertaining. August 10, 2015

Garden is lovely and live guitar in the background is wonderful. August 9, 2015

Bob Bowman, a local guitarist, was brilliant all evening. June 30, 2015

...an added bonus was a versatile guitarist who played for most of the evening. September, 2014

...a very talented guitarist. September 23, 2014

..The live guitar music is amazing. ...it transfixed listeners on a warm summer evening. September 5, 2014

...great live music from an accomplished guitarist... July 27, 2014

Nice atmosphere, great guitar player for music while dining. July 23, 2014

...the music was lovely. July 17, 2014

...being able to sit outside and listen to the wonderful jazz guitarist really brought the whole evening together. June 23, 2014

We enjoy sitting outside in their garden, lit with soft string lights, having dinner on a beautiful evening and listening
 to Bob, a very talented musician. June 10, 2014

...a talented guitar player... September 13, 2013

Kudos to that wonderful guitar player they have playing his heart out up front. That guy is a gem! September 5, 2018

...a lovely place to dine and hear some good guitar music... July 2, 2017

...the outdoor seating with live music will easily make it one of the more standout places in Bar Harbor. August 26, 2016

Great ambiance, music by Bob Bowman. September 16, 2015

Live music which was wonderful. July 5, 2015

...a bad ass guitarist... September 2, 2014

The guitarist was perfect. September 7, 2014

We were entertained by Bob Bowman who was playing acoustic guitar. Look, him up on the internet he is known
as one the best acoustic guitar players in America. June 10, 2014

We loved the live music and overall ambiance. October 3, 2013

Created a perfect ambiance for a dinner. September 4, 2013

...to sit outside and listen to great music was lovely! September 27, 2013

And to make the night even more romantic there was live music provided by a wonderful guitar player named Bob!
Perfect ending to a perfect day! August 17, 2013

...an amazing live guitar player. September 14, 2015

...the live music made everyone's night. July 29, 2015

...an excellent live musician! June 29, 2014